Friday, 27th November 2020 12.30 hrs - 21.30 hrs

The 7th India Sweden Innovation Day is brought to you by India Unlimited in association with Embassy of India in Sweden, Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Start-Up India. We will also host the 3rd India Strategic Forum in partnership with Swedish Institute of International Affairs (U.I.) and SIBC as the Inaugural session in the afternoon during the India Sweden Innovation Day. Covid 19 has been the single great disrupter in recent history. What will it take for India and Sweden to navigate this crisis and how do we work together for creating a sustainable future for both our countries? Our answer is a call to action across five stages, leading from the crisis of today to the next normal that will emerge post Covid-19: Determination, Reform, Innovation, Resilience, Reimagination across all fronts.

While there are concerns about the impact disruptive technologies will have on the lives of individuals and societies, there is little doubt that the decade ahead will be dominated by innovation. India is expected to still continue to be leading high growth country despite Covid-19. India will need to find Innovative technological solutions that have an impact on the large population to help solve issues connected with creating sustainable life enabled by technology that benefits all citizens and also creates jobs.

With advances in robotics and artificial intelligence in the context of aging societies like Sweden and growing societies like India, we will have to move from a narrative of production and consumption toward one of sharing, caring creating a more inclusive equitable approach. Can Technology connected with Circular Economy create positive impact, better health, better quality of life and positive change for the millions in India and the planet? How will the Sweden India partnership in Technology based solutions in the 4th Industrial Revolution & Globalization 4.0 contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals?

Friday, November 27 2020 12:30-21:30 IST

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