Tuesday, 9th February 2016 16.00 hrs - 17.30 hrs


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9 from 4.00 – 5.30 PM followed by Semlor/ Fat Tuesday celebrations @ SCCI Office, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

GUEST SPEAKER: ROS BAYES, UK Training Resources Developer - disability charity “Through the Roof”

Join us for a thought provoking session on inclusivity and diversity from another perspective.

Ros Bayes is from the UK and has taught Philosophy and Ethics for over ten years. She has written 10 books including 4 A-level textbooks. She is currently the Training Resources Developer at a UK disability charity “Through the Roof”.

Diversity and Inclusivity are words and concepts of high value. They encompass mutual acceptance, respect and equality. It means to understand and value that each individual is unique, intrinsically connected with one another in the context of community and relationship. And it is the equal right for anyone and everyone to be recognized as worthy members of the different spectra of society and not excluded on the grounds of gender, class, sexuality, religion or disability.

Both diversity and inclusivity are part of the value frameworks of Swedish businesses and an important point of discussion for wider outspread.

Sambandh is a meeting place for women within the context of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India. The vision is to create a hub of exchange, learning, expansion of thought and perspective and building strong connections across organizations and fields of interest. The impact we are looking for is threefold; personal development and expansion, unleash catalytic power in our own organizations and synergistic contribution on a community/societal level.

We look forward to meet you! Bring your colleagues and join us to build Sambandh!


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