Wednesday, 2nd June 2021 15.30 hrs - 16.30 hrs

Under our Advocacy Lab programme, we are hosting the next discussion on the topic: ‘Addressing Trade Barriers’ and the role National Board of Trade Sweden (NBT) plays in it.

The National Board of Trade (NBT) is a Swedish governmental agency, under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, responsible for issues relating to foreign trade, internal market and trade policy, and with a mission to facilitate free and open trade with transparent rules. This session will be led by Ms. Sara Emanuelsson, Legal Adviser, Mr. Ulf Eriksson and Ms. Nesli Almufti, Senior Adviser from NBT.

This session will give you a broader understanding of who National Board of Trade is, their mandate, the work they are doing in helping address some of the trade barriers in context to India and how they can support Swedish companies in India.

Some topics that will be discussed are:

What are some of the common Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) in the context of India, that NBT is addressing and can address?

What are the relevant World Trade Organization (WTO) rules that apply to India in relation to trade with other WTO member countries?

How companies can find, keep track and influence any technical regulation on product requirement etc. at a draft stage before it comes into     force, using the e-ping notification system?

How can companies report and receive support on trade barriers that they face and sharing of successful examples?


This follows our last session on March 04 on ‘Invest India: Supporting Companies to Grow' India’ and is next in our series on understanding the eco-system Public Affairs is part of.

This session is set in the format of a conversation, with extensive Q&A. In case you have any trade barrier related question or specific issue, please share it with Karan, along with your participation confirmation.

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