Thursday, May 5, 2022

Ever since its inception, Epiroc Mining India Limited has always been championing sustainable machines while constantly trying to weave in the concept of being green and smart in their daily operations. Their global team recently announced the Epiroc Environmental Award 2021, and it was shared by their Product Companies in Nashik and Hyderabad.

The Hyderabad and Nashik Product Companies have been pioneers in Epiroc in investing in solar panels to replace public non-renewable energy, thereby successfully lowering carbon emissions and reducing the climate impact. Both Hyderabad and Nashik have showed the rest of the Epiroc Group that these types of investments are possible, also with a positive financial payback. The project team in Hyderabad included Sudhir Deshmukh, Pankaj Nehete, Ashok Venkatesh, Kalyan Gowrav and Paladugu Kiran Kumar. The project team in Nashik included Aniruddha Mahuli, Shrikant Gadekar, T P Phalak and Nikhil Wagh. 
“These product companies have proven that with rather small means we can support a better climate when there are no other renewable alternatives available,” says Joakim von Bothmer, Vice President SHEQ.  “Congratulations to the winners!”

These facilities are both pioneers investing in technology, infrastructure and activities that will build a lush green path to clinch their ambitious Sustainability Targets. Two Indian units being the recipients of the global Epiroc Environmental Award was a huge boost for the team, inspiring them to strive towards greater heights.

Pankaj Nehete, Head - Metallurgy & SHEQ at Hyderabad Product Company said, “As part of our Group’s Sustainability Target, we had undertaken a solar project to generate renewable energy which spanned over two phases occupying 6072 square meters of usable space. The power generated is around 780KWP while the guaranteed energy generation stands at 1080MWH. These 2 projects will together save 16,000 tonnes of CO2 over its life period of 25 years.”

General Manager of Epiroc Hyderabad Product Company, Sudhir Deshmukh said, “Sustainability is not just one of our five strategic areas of work, but also a constant goal we strive to meet. We aim to optimise our processes and operations to achieve maximum productivity. We have dared to be ambitious and had a very encouraging response from our team as well. They have whole heartedly supported and participated in this venture and have made it a success. I would like to recognise and appreciate the efforts and contribution of each one of them. We are proud to announce that by 2030, 90% of our total energy consumption will be solar generated.”

Aniruddha Mahuli, Head – SHEQ at Epiroc Nashik Product Company said, “Sustainability is not an overnight miracle. We have a proper plan in place wherein we aim to first convert non-renewable energy into renewable energy through solar installations. At Nashik, approximately 20% of electrical energy is generated through a rooftop solar power plant. The team has taken up the challenge of reaching 90% green energy by 2030. To accomplish this target, the site has already installed additional solar capacity on its buildings to cater to 90% of solar energy starting in Q2 2022. Secondly, we will focus on reducing energy demand. The geographical location of the Nashik factory is suitable for harnessing solar power with an abundance of sunlight for almost 9 months of the year. With better management of compressed air, moving toward LED lighting, replacement of old high-consumption equipment like air conditioning systems, installation of high-volume low speed (HVLS) fans, VFDs for blowers, and motion and time sensors, we aim to sprint consistently towards being green leaders.”

General Manager of Epiroc Nashik Product Company, Arvind Patil beams with pride saying, “We are on the cutting edge of intelligent mining and infrastructure. Sustainability is already integrated into our business operations, and now we have also established long-term sustainability goals that support the Paris Agreement and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As conscious individuals, we walk in synergy with this goal and imbibe it into our daily operations as well. Our team at Nashik is working in sync to ensure that energy is reduced year on year for the cost of goods sold. Our goals are ambitious indeed, but with the perfect collaboration and commitment, we can easily achieve this and hopefully inspire other companies to take leaps into sustainable operations as well.”

For a company that operates in the mining and construction segment, sustainability is a goal which it diverts extra energy and focus to. Epiroc Mining India Limited vows to strive towards having consistent breakthroughs in this arena which has gone beyond CSR activities.

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