Thursday, July 15, 2021

Several families in the Kunskapsskolan India schools have suffered irreparable losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic by losing their family providers putting the schooling of their children at risk. Mrs Cecilia Carnefeldt, CEO Kunskapsskolan Education announced that for this reason decided to initiate a fund amounting to INR 2.5 Crores that aims to ensure that children who have lost a supporting parent will be able to continue their education with schools of Kunskapsskolan based in India. The fund will be named Birgitta Ericson Memorial Fund after one of the architects behind and creators of the values, pedagogical foundation and methods that are used within Kunskapsskolan worldwide.

The fund will proffer 100% sponsorship throughout the academic journey of the learner at Kunskapsskolan schools. The sponsorship is applicable across curricula. Existing functional students of Kunskapsskolan who have joined the school on or before 15th July 2021 and have lost an earning parent will be eligible for this sponsorship. Through this fund, Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden aims to ensure that our students who are most in need will continue to be supported through their school years. It is our endeavour to stand by our community.


About Kunskapsskolan Sweden

Kunskapsskolan Schools were conceptualised and established in year 1999 by Peje Emilsson in Sweden with a vision to empower students to meet the challenges of today and contribute to the world of tomorrow. Today, Kunskapsskolan network of schools spread across 6 countries (Sweden, India, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA ) educates over 20000 students using the KED program. The educational program that embodies a personalised approach to learning, recognises that each student is different and learns at a different pace. By providing the best possible education to the next generation and preparing them to live and work in a modern, global society with its ever-changing challenges and choices, Kunskapsskolan endeavours to create an impact in the world of tomorrow.

Located in in Gurgaon, Lucknow, and Bengaluru, Kunskapsskolan India Network of schools that also includes a KED inspired school in Abohar, are value driven and inculcate through example the need to be empathetic and show solidarity and action in times like this, with a global pandemic sweeping through the world.


Kanika Wadhera

Marketing Manager - Kunskapsskolan India

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