Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Otivr is a Swedish tech company aiming to transform the sales and business processes in the IT industry in India through its brand new and disruptive platform. Otivr is first to digitize the B2B partner search within the IT sector through its open marketplace that matches global buyers with genuine and high-quality suppliers in emerging markets, starting with India.

Today there are no structured ways to search for high-quality suppliers of IT consultancy services in India and the trust between the parties in this segment is low. The partnership search is vastly network-based with diminutive transparency and limited options. Otivr solves these main challenges through its open marketplace which assists buyers by making all buying decision criterions visibly met and giving the suppliers a new global reach. Mr. Ricky Dhillon, CEO of Otivr, comments “Otivr will through its new marketplace safeguard trust, quality and transparency between the parties in the global IT outsourcing market”.

Commenting on international buyers, Ms. Bea Holmström working as Key Account Manager at Otivr, says “Otivr’s platform enables global companies to find high-quality IT service firms in India at competitive rates by matching the buyer’s requirements with the best-fitted supplier profiles. Otivr has a stringent screening process to identify the best IT consultancy firms in India which save our buyer’s time, money and headache in their IT-partner search”.

For the IT suppliers in India Otivr brings a new global reach towards international clients and creates branding opportunities. Certified suppliers of Otivr will be able to utilize Otivr’s platform as a business development tool and improve their sales and marketing opportunities in Europe and elsewhere, currently without any fees. Mr. Vineet Garg, Business Unit Head for ICT & CleanTech at Business Sweden, says “Small and medium sized Indian IT suppliers and their brands don’t get a high level of visibility outside India, through Otivr high-quality suppliers get a chance to white label their own services and broaden their customer base”.

Otivr has done extensive preparatory work and is now ready to launch the beta version of their platform in end of June. Feel free to watch Otivr short film to learn more about Otivr.

For more information visit www.otivr.com and register your email to get updates on the beta launch.

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