Tuesday, November 7, 2017

For the first time in India, Otivr, a Swedish tech company, launched an integral platform for the mid-sized talented, high-quality and certified IT suppliers (SME’s) to enhance their exposure in the international market. The company has effectively launched the marketplace towards the buyers in the Nordics with a strength of 100+ quality assured suppliers with 10,000+ professionals attached to the platform. Total Nordic spend on IT Services and BPM is $25 billion of which Otivr is looking to gain 1% transactions share of $20 million. The remaining market potential is to scale the business globally.

Ricky Dhillon, CEO of Otivr says, “Despite tremendous IT potential and a huge demand in the foreign market, there is no structured way to search for high-quality suppliers of IT consultancy services in India. This not only reduces trust in this segment but also the business opportunities for talented mid-sized IT suppliers. Otivr addresses these challenges through its open marketplace which helps buyers take informed decisions while it gives the suppliers a global reach.”

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