Friday, May 7, 2021

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce India is grieved by the devastating impact of Covid on our country, and grateful to those working hard to care for the sick and uphold support systems. We support all efforts to bring relief, prevent, and build capacity during this second wave.

We promote community based holistic approaches encouraging collaboration between stake-holding companies. The Chamber will coordinate communication, collective responses, and long-term strategic interventions.


Following are four urgent and strategic interventions. Many companies are already involved. You may coordinate and join hands with them or request to advise your efforts.

Saving Lives- supporting local hospitals and temporary Covid care facilities.

Protecting Livelihoods through supporting community-based organisations that reach out to vulnerable groups, families, and individuals

Preventing the virus from spreading with the help of vaccination drives in communities, and a Mobile AI X-ray diagnosis tool. In this way patients can get treatment before the need to visit a hospital arises.

Building for the Future by supporting counselling centres, helplines, community based support groups, network building, and training programmes both for communities and organisations. We continue to focus on removing gender-based barriers for women to participate equally in the workforce and create opportunities for gainful employment and education.


We know many companies and individuals are involved in this work already. We encourage more companies to join in, collaborate with one another and pledge their commitment to the collective response.

In Sweden, Swecare Foundation and Sweden-India Business Council is running a fund-raising campaign and have identified two NGO options for maximum impact; Pratham Sweden and Röda Korset. This initiative is directed towards the headquarters in Sweden.

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