Thursday, April 8, 2021

#SambandhStories is a series of short interviews with our members or collaboration partners on different topics of interest. 

In this story, we are pleased to present B. Shankar Rao, Managing Director at Alimak Group India.

Alimak provides vertical access solutions for professional use- elevators, hoists, platforms, service lifts etc. The company is based out of Telangana and has been a member of the Chamber since May 2020.

1. How do you see your business and the sector you are in shaping up this year? What will be your top two key priorities?

The end of a challenging year is an opportunity to pause and appreciate the fact that we have made it this far. Now is the time to motivate our team for success and make this year a true “comeback season”. The year 2021 will be the year we make up for everything we missed in 2020. Our first priority is to safeguard our people and serve the customers well within the set guidelines. We need to continue to hold on to safety measures and restrictions for everybody’s sake. Secondly, last year taught us a lot about agility and flexibility. I believe we are now able to better embrace change in our working patterns, test new models and tools. One such example is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that help us reaching out effectively to potential clients remotely.

2. What are some challenges that you foresee for this year and how do you plan to overcome them?

The pandemic has underlined the fact that while unexpected events are inevitable, businesses must be ready to rapidly respond and adapt in order to maintain operations. While we are in the midst of an unprecedented vaccination effort, it is imperative to continue to be on our guards. To develop an effective business resiliency plan and to identify all areas of risk to keep the company viable by protecting our people and assets from all possible threats and future crisis, is important- and challenging! 'Limited in-person availability' inevitably leads to 'project slippage' which results in delays. This is a challenge for now, but we should soon begin to make headway while taking care of all the required safety precautions. However, safety has always been given paramount importance in ALIMAK work culture and we need to weigh what we do- and want to do- against this parameter all the time.

Thank you Shankar!

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