Tuesday, July 7, 2020

#Sambandh Stories is a series of short interviews with our members or collaboration partners on different topics of interest.

This week we want to present Anantha PadmanabhanManaging Director of Alfa Laval India and Cluster President for India-Middle East-Africa.

What are your two most significant learnings from this time, that will remain with you into the new future and change how you lead people/business?

Two important elements of business are your customers and your employees. These take time to build up and it is very easy to lose them if you do not take care of them, particularly in times of adversity like this. We have always had a strategy of high priority on customer satisfaction, i.e. Customers First. Covid 19 increased my conviction of “Employees First and Customers Second”. If you have highly engaged, motivated and satisfied employees, they will take very good care of the customers and the organisation they work for.

What was the most creative or inspiring moment you had in the last six weeks of lockdown?

We serve essential industries both in India and outside. Being located right in the middle of a red zone did not help us when it came to travelling and supporting customers. A quick digital transformation, which otherwise would have taken a few months or more happened very quickly. Acquiring the technology, training of employees (and customers) to use the technology and supporting customers, some of them located in another continent and using the remote technology in starting up plants, servicing and troubleshooting critical equipment has been a fantastic eye opener. This change is going to stay. This will improve our service capabilities exponentially.

What are your top two priorities for your business and your people as you gradually scale up your business? 

Safety of our employees and customers is the topmost priority. Fulfilling our commitments in terms of delivering equipment and services will be the immediate focus. Apart from this, we see this as a great opportunity to accelerate our digital transformation and this will be a key priority once we address the immediate issues.

Thank you Anantha!

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