Wednesday, July 15, 2020

#Sambandh Stories is a series of short interviews with our members or collaboration partners on different topics of interest


This interview is with Komal Arora , Sustainability Manager at H&M India.


How has COVID-19 redefined the playbook on sustainability – key priorities and changes in the new normal?

For the past few months we have seen the global spread of COVID-19 affecting people, communities and businesses all over the world. Events of this magnitude naturally lead us to reflect about our place and role in society. We witnessed a strong sense of coming together and supporting one another as we deal with the situation. Going forward, sustainability key priorities will see accelerating progress towards climate change, circularity, public health, inclusion & solidarity, all woven together with the thread of transparency. Healthcare and climate change risk are intertwined, so is being fair and transparent to all -Sustainability should be imperative and central to post pandemic decision making in all aspects.

What are your key learnings in this season that impact your professional and personal life?

The Covid 19 crisis has shown us challenging days, and we continue to learn to live with the new realities of the impact on us both personally and professionally. Its wise to acknowledge our worries, express our concerns and use facts to better protect our self and our loved ones. My key leaning from the crisis has been the need to stay connected even while maintaining social distance. The need of the hour is also an agile and resilient approach while continuing to plan ahead.


Thank you Komal! 


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