Friday, August 14, 2020

Sambandh Stories is a series of short interviews with our members or collaboration partners on different topics of interest

This interview is with Uday Kshirsagar, Managing Director at Piab Vacuum Technology


What are some of your key learnings from this time of pandemic, that you believe will help you lead your people and business better in the post covid-19 world?

I think the present situation has taught us the importance of being positive and pushed us to be more agile. The important learning has been on how to keep yourself and the team motivated, engaged and ready for tomorrow. These times also made us be innovative to serve our customers better and be available for them in these testing times.


What are some of the future-proof trends or patterns you see emerging in your sector as a result of this pandemic?

One of the things we are seeing is that culturally, we will have to move towards a more hygiene-centric way of working with better human resource management. Especially the food sector, which is still a lot dependent on cheap labour, would need to move to automated lines with less or no human contact. This will certainly give rise to more business for automated lines and automation in general. May be we will see a jump in Industry 4.0 and IOT demand for remote monitoring and diagnostics.


What do you appreciate more after going through these last few months of the pandemic? Has this impacted your outlook on life?

Personally, there are some big lessons to be learnt. I think all of us will start to appreciate ‘today’ more instead of running behind ‘tomorrow’ and the day after.This pandemic has shown good and bad side of the way we live and has asked us to rethink our priorities, that health of our teams, their families and our community as a whole matters a lot.


Thank you Uday! 

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