Monday, April 12, 2021


#SambandhStories is a series of short interviews with our members or collaboration partners on different topics of interest.

We are pleased to present Tapodhan Manavi, Regional Director India at Absortech.

Absortech provides innovative technology for moisture protection in containers, in-boxes and at the home through a range of desiccants they developed called AbsorRange™. The company is based out of Mumbai and has been a member of the Chamber since 2018.

1. How is your business and the particular sector you are in shaping up this year? What are your top two key priorities?

The business of moisture prevention is linked to international shipments trends. Even as global trade continues to grow amidst the pandemic, the awareness of environmental impact of supply chain and shipping activities is increasing as well within companies and among customers.

For us, not being sustainable is not a choice any longer, especially when the demand for desiccant solutions is growing and as we get closer to 2030- the year of SDGs.

Our two key priorities are set in this direction: First, to continue helping companies to prevent their cargo from moisture damages and show them more efficient alternatives to traditional solutions that can help save cost, time, storage, and resources. Second, to continue developing sustainable solutions and produce and offer our customers desiccants with the lowest environmental impact available in the market to help them to reach their carbon footprint goals.

2. It is said that the Covid-19 pandemic is a time of unprecedented challenge but equally of opportunity. Some have even called it a ‘portal into another world’. What do you see this pandemic presenting for building a more sustainable and equitable business?

The pandemic has been a lesson for businesses and people. Most of us have never felt more vulnerable in our lives than during the last year. It has taught us many things about ourselves and made us realise how vulnerable our environment and ecosystems are.

It led us and other companies to rethink our corporate mission and values and realised that development is only possible hand in hand with sustainability and we have started to act. We wouldn’t have reached this momentum without the pandemic. It has been an opportunity, maybe the last one, for our planet and for our kids, - the chance to do the right thing.

Some sectors have faced many challenges last year, one being finding a way to support their reactivation in a more sustainable way. We want to help companies to reduce the environmental footprint of their supply chain processes, and will do it by training and challenging their old solutions.

We need to adopt the lessons the pandemic has taught us in our personal and business life, start acting as citizens of a global network and escalate our responsibility to our business decisions as workers or managers. Choosing sustainable suppliers, caring about the working environment in our offices and factories, recycling, optimising resources, both at home and workplace is key.

Everything is in our hands.

Thank you Tapodhan!

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