Swedish Business Houses have a long withstanding and growing relationship with India and the Chamber is a natural hub to bring both established and newcomers on the market together. The members of the Chamber represent different sectors such as Engineering, Automotive, IT/Telecom, Healthcare/Med Tech, Retail, Defence, Mining and Services.

Being a Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India is an effective way of building networks, staying informed and establishing own individual company’s brand as well as the identity of the business community.

As a Member of the Chamber, you avail benefits such as:

Expand Your Network: Unique opportunities to network within and beyond the community, through our global network of business, institutions and bodies of influences. Take part of inter chamber events as well as events organised by partners.

Influence Sweden-India Business Development: The Chamber continuously seeks to understand and channel issues in legalisation, policy and other areas of high importance, working closely with the Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden to address these issues in the right forum. As a member you get access to the annual Business Climate Survey Report presented in both India and Sweden and an excellent tool to address stakeholders both internally and externally. 

Be Part of Something Bigger: The Chamber continuously works with promoting the value proposition of Sweden to further strengthen the identity and message of the Swedish business community in India. You can take part of breaking new grounds in areas of societal, environmental and business interest such as Sustainability, CSR and Diversity.

Gain Valuable Knowledge: You get access to the Chamber’s informative and up to date seminars, workshop and trainings conducted by experts on various topics such as Company’s Act, Taxation and Legislation, Political and Economical Development and get inspired by thematic meets featuring Cultural Exploration,

Levitate Your Excellence: Share experiences, learn from others and create synergies along with extending your professional network by participating in our Business Leader’s Forums.

Access Exclusive Events (Limited Editions): Take part in events featuring Indian, Swedish and international renowned speakers and top officials. Get access to unique networking platforms created for you to bring in your customers and stakeholders.

Branding Opportunities and Company Promotion: SCCI offers possibilities to host and/or sponsor events in cooperation with the Chamber. You can also use one of the many marketing tools that the Chamber offers to promote your company within the community and externally, through publications, website, mail-shots and much more

Membership Services: Take support from SCCI to plan and execute creative, cross-functional and high-level events with different stake-holders and make use of membership offers from time to time.

Newsletter and Online Forums: Be up to date with what is happening in the Swedish business community in India and share your own updates through our quarterly newsletter. Members have also exclusive access to discussion forums and information online through the SCCI webpage.

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